Pray Me a Guitar


What to photograph when working with a musician?
Their connection to their instrument (guitar, voice etc)
close ups of hands

How to encourage them to forget the camera is there?
Yarning about life,
respecting their creative space,
just being quiet,
melding into the background
if that is what they wish
or speaking of music
in life

What is discovered?
The prayer of artistry
as someone praises the world
through their guitar


Visit the full folio of this here –  Portrait of a Musician

A big thank you to songwriter/ musician Melinda for being my model for this work.
Melinda may give me some quotes from her beautiful songs to put with this later,
but for now some general quotes from music.


3 thoughts on “Pray Me a Guitar

  1. Loved the poem: your sensitivity to the artist, her inner world, and her music. The photos are lovely. In a bit of serendipity, I just got back from picking up my guitar, which I had the music store restring from right-handed to left-handed after breaking my wrist–just learning to play to be able to accompany myself when I sing–both are just for fun. Your comment did come through–strange that WP won’t let the comments through from your other blog. And thank you!

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