Peace Project


It’s that time of year again when the Peace Project is on, in the Whole9 Community.

Above is one of my entries for this year.

The theme for The Peace Project’s 5th Annual Call for Artists is “Peace Starts Here,”This international juried art competition and exhibition connects peace-minded individuals everywhere in the pursuit of a better world that art can help create.

They invite us to join hands with us and share our vision of “where peace starts”.

The Peace Project has accomplished the support of many vital projects with the help of artists worldwide.

They waive the entry theme for artists outside of North America and those unable to use paypal.

You have until September to get your entry in.

Abstracting Ripples

2014-08-16 065
Brisbane Park – June Perkins

I love working with ripples and reflections and playing with the camera settings until the water becomes an abstract painting.

Above is the original setting.

Then below is what happens when gazing into the water with the camera.


Reflections – June Perkins

Ripples flow – June Perkins






Visiting the Cultural Centre and South Bank


On Friday I went to the Cultural Centre of Brisbane.

It is home to the State Library, Conservatorium, Writer’s Centre, Gallery for Modern Art, Art Gallery,  a film school, Science Centre and Maritime Museum as well as some interesting Parklands, an ABC office,  and the Brisbane Eye.

My daughter was on an art excursion and I was picking her up afterwards.

I took the opportunity to go a bit earlier and explore with my camera.

I managed to see Sydney Long’s Spirit of the Plain painting, which I had only ever seen before on cards.

There were lots of sculptures in the parks.


But the image of two painters or is it musicians at the start of this blog, taking in the creative view, is one of my favourite from the images I photographed that day because of what it says about people in that space.

I enjoyed the Gallery of Modern Art, usually called the GOMA, which regularly has changes in its exhibitions.  At the moment, there is one on called Harvest, all about food, the preparation of food, and the people involved in this.

The building has the most stunning views outside as well as some interesting things to stimulate creativity within.


I also was very happy to finally take a decent photograph of a crow and one of a mural I see when we are driving into the centre.

A street sign caught my eye – and I thought back to my earlier memories of walking through this area.

Lots of cultural stimulation was one of the things I missed whilst we were living away from a city centre.

Although in my old home in the North there were many magnificent natural spaces to explore.

Part of understanding a city seems to be looking for the cultural centres and hubs and finding their spirit.

When I met up with my daughter she had been exploring interesting street lane ways for her art class.

She had an amazing day too.


(c) Words and Images – June Perkins