JC Slaughter Falls Picnic Area


The waterfall was only a trickle, the name sounds unfortunate (I just don’t like that word Slaughter), but from every other point of view the spot was idyllic.

I especially enjoyed seeing the white faced heron, and finding Aboriginal art on the art trail.

The children enjoyed toasting marshmallows  over our woodfire bbq and crunching through the charcoal.

A young magpie watched us eat our lunch and Rainbow Lorikeets, currajong, kookaburra, cockatoos and white face heron were sighted on our two trips there.

Both times we traveled there in the holidays there were families and groups picnicking, but despite this, with spaced out eating spots it didn’t seem too crowded.

We could have walked to the summit for the view but will save that for another time.

I walked slowly finding much to photograph, reflections in water over rocks, sunlight through trees, the children, and birds.

I missed the goanna that my daughter and husband saw come out from the caves and bask in the sunlight, just couldn’t catch up to them in time. I was stopping to enjoy looking up, down and around.

I have been trying to remember to have someone in the family take a photograph of me on our family outings and my eldest son took photographs of me with youngest.

We went once in the morning and once in the late afternoon.  I love the light in the late afternoons, but we couldn’t walk as far on the trails.

I am so happy to have found one of the gems of Brisbane and hope to return there many more times to find different ways of photographing it.

There are beautiful trees the children can nestle in for portraits.

We didn’t go to the Bush Chapel yet, so I am looking forward to that as well as taking a longer lens and capturing more of the birds.

You can find more of my pictures here JC Slaughter Falls Picnic Area

(c) June Perkins

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