Pearlz Dreaming Ten Year Anniversary

A self portrait – June Perkins

Thankyou so much for following my photography blog.  You are obviously dedicated to your craft or love visual images.

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Abstracts by June


Circles of Light/ Realm of Glory

Licuala Rainforest31

moon from mt cootha

awesome ripples

2013-01-05 murray falls 110

Basket of Light 1

light on cardwell ocean

reflections nature



Triangles and circles
in the light
Reflected fragments in
hexagons of glass
Patterns of
turtle and crocodile

These once were
light through branches
Early morning webs transfigured by
Light dancing colours on the ocean
and the river

Rainforest stain glass
cathedral singing green
A city skyline
dancing into rainbow columns
praising the moon

Abstractions telling me
there’ s so much universe
and so little time

(c) June Perkins

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Guest Challenge: Abstract

Love this guest blog of Suzanne’s and the challenge

Lost in Translation



Abstracted moments

I’m very happy to be writing the guest post for Paula’s Photo Challenge this week. The subject I’ve chosen is abstract photography.

The contemporary world is filled with visual stimulation that demands we pay attention and engage with it in some way. Sometimes it can be relief to take time out and let go of the urge to make sense of what is seen – to focus instead on the act of seeing rather than the intellectual processes of naming and analysing what is being seen.

Taking photographs in such a reflective and abstracted state can produce images that become suggestions of environments and moods rather than concrete descriptions of the visual worlds. The viewer is then free to create their own interpretation and the image can become a metaphor.

In the photos of salt lakes that I took last week I experimented with the idea of…

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