750 Project – 18 collaborators

Yes, although I blog here rarely, I am a keen photographer still.

Be Illumined

I first heard about 750 through an email invitation through the editor of Nineteen Months.

Intrigued and captivated by the concept forwarded from Nancy Wong, I emailed Nancy to say, yes I would love to contribute.

She requested us to collaborate with her to take photographs of hands with candles and submit them to the 750 project.

The candles held by each person photographed are to represent the memory of the time when the Báb was incarcerated in the city of Maku; he was not given a lamp during the long nights in prison.

From my point of view once saying yes to Nancy, the next step was to find some people who would be happy to provide both hands and light in various forms to be photographed.

A bicentenary planning meeting in my local community of Brisbane provided the perfect opportunity to do some photographs of friends with candles. …

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