Every Nineteen Days


This photo attempts to portray a thought, spiritual and positive, beginning its journey.

Every nineteen days I select an image and a quote to match for the site Nineteen Months


These were the images I short listed as having something mystical or spiritual in them, but then in the end I went with the portrait above.
I really enjoy this process, and it is meditative and spiritual for me.


Perhaps at the end of the Baha’i year I will compile them all into a calendar.


The other quotation I liked and would have matched to one of the plants was.


“Now the new age is here and creation is reborn. Humanity hath taken on new life. The autumn hath gone by, and the reviving spring is here. All things are now made new.”  
Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

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Pearlz Dreaming Ten Year Anniversary

A self portrait – June Perkins

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Just letting you know it’s coming up to  my home blog, Pearlz Dreaming’s, ten year anniversary!

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Traditions, Lights and Streets of Cheer

Lots of Australians like to do Christmas lights.  Some of the television stations and local councils run prizes for them. For some it is a hobby and others almost an obsession.

We went to check out one of the most famous Christmas houses in Brisbane on the recommendation of someone who had been going to see it almost since he was born. The house he told us about is at Kenmore, and wins the competition almost every year, but not this year.  When we saw them it was obvious there was so much effort put into it.

When we lived in Tully there were certain streets that used to team up and win it as there was also a best street award.

One street we lived in even asked us to please put up lights, and gave us a box of them so that we could participate as we don’t  normally do Christmas lights.

We took to driving the streets every year to view it – a kind of Tully tradition.

We didn’t bother to go on a big drive this year, but did make the trek just to this one house. It was amazing to see so many people pop out of their car and walk through the garden of lights and ornaments.

Does your street do Christmas Lights?