Mt Tamborine

Walking through the green on Mt Tamborine.

We did our first walk at Mt Tamborine – the Curtis Falls in the Joalah section.

There are many more to do.

We will be back.

We did manage to do a couple more things whilst up there, which I will do a post about sometime soon.

Here though are some memories of green.

We didn’t see any lyre birds or glow worms.

I’d love to see those sometime!



David Fleay Wildlife Park – Gold Coast


It has been such a relief to not have to pack and move these summer holidays (the first time in two years).

So we have been taking the time to pick activities the whole family can enjoy and to explore some of the special things in Brisbane and at the Gold Coast.

The images in this post are all of a visit to the David Fleay Wildlife Park.

We especially enjoyed the nocturnal house and seeing the platypus, Wally, having a feed on worms.

We loved spending time with wildlife on this trip, only problem, now my daughter wants a pet snake!